Superior risk solutions

At Pantheon, we put our numerous collective years of experience in the Health and Life insurance business, plus our state of the art technology to use for you. We can show you how to get health insurance and Affordable Whole Life insurance, we take it a step further. With our online application process and our agents who stand by ready to help at a moment's notice, you can obtain affordable insurance in a matter of minutes. 

We Aim to Ease

Our goal

Our number one goal is "ease of use". Our priority is to ensure that each of our customers thinks of us as a conduit of convenience. The ones who make the whole process less painful. This is the whole point of our existence as a company. We strive and will continue to work hard to deliver comprehensive personal risk management solutions to our customers in a way that eliminates all the extra laborious activities that have long plagued the insurance services industry. 

We speak technology

That's right. For far too long, the insurance industry has ignored the potential 10x factor that technology brings when introduced to any industry. We are looking to change all that. We employ and deploy technology platforms and tools to help bring quality insurance products to our customers wherever they may be. 

We know insurance

We hire and train folks to be good at what they do. Pantheon was started by folks who have decades of experience in the insurance business. We have successfully launched an inpatient and outpatient medical facility in Kenya, and have been in the insurance business in the United States for decades. We aim to lean on these attributes to help deliver on our promise every single day. 


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