Fighting COVID-19 by exercising and staying healthy

Medical experts suggest that people prepare to fight the virus like they would prepare for surgery by staying fit and healthy.

According to the folks at the Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC), a healthy diet and staying fit will help reduce the risk of becoming severely ill with the virus. They, CPOC, advise that people reduce their alcohol intake and avoid smoking as well.

These measures are meant to help reduce the likelihood of being admitted to intensive care.

Its deputy director Scarlett McNally, a consultant orthopedic surgeon, said there has been "a lot of very important advice" on how to cut the risk of becoming infected.

But there was "little on the importance of preparing in case the virus is contracted", she added.

What is CPOC's advice?

  • Stop smoking

  • Take exercise unless you are unwell with the virus: ideally a brisk walk, cycle or jog. Strengthening and balance exercises are also recommended

  • Those aged over 70 - considered to be at increased risk of severe illness from the virus - are allowed outside, unless they have been otherwise advised, and should keep two metres from others and not touch anything

  • Maintain a good diet, including trying smaller portion sizes and planning ahead for meals

  • Maintain your mental health, including getting a good night's sleep

  • Have alcohol-free days

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